What to wear

You need to be able move freely in whatever you wear, shorts and T-shirt or singlet are recommended, however loose fitting pants are also fine.  Bring shoes you can run in.

What to bring

A small towel is good to have, especially when working hard!  A drink bottle (bottled water and drinks are available at the studio).

Application Form & Agreement

So we can best understand your current level of fitness and put you on the most appropriate fitness program. We require all our customers to complete and sign our health check list and indemnity agreement.  The form may be completed when you come in, or download the form via the link below, fill it out and hit click on the ‘Submit’ button at the top.  The form will be emailed to CrossFit KuringGai ready for when you arrive.  The Fitness application form can be found here Fitness Application .


Casual memberships can be placed on hold for 1 month or more. We are unable to place memberships on hold for periods of less than 1 month.


customers who retain their continuous and uninterrupted current membership, will be allowed to remain on that rate indefinitely. If there is any interruption to their current membership, they will need to restart at the new rate.


Payments for school aged children are billed per term.  

Adults are billed fortnightly via direct debitWe accept payment via credit card or direct debit or cash.
Our merchant for credit card and direct debit transactions is Ezidebit.
Ezidebit charge a 2.2% surcharge for Visa/Mastercard transactions and 4.4% for Amex. Direct Debit from a Bank or Credit Union account is capped at $2.20.


We offer casual memberships for those who like to have the flexibility to stop and start when needed.
We also offer a 12 month contract period at a discounted rate for those who would like to save upto $520 a year.
Our flexible contract option allows you break the contract and pay only the amount you saved while on contract.
e.g. If you break your contract 9 weeks into the contract period, you simply pay $90 (9 weeks x $10), which is the equivalent casual rate.

Missed Classes

When a class is closed for a public holiday, you may make up the missed class at the first available opportunity.  Makeup classes must be completed within the month.

CrossFit Acronyms and Abbreviations

Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

AMRAP As Many Reps as possible KTE Knees to elbows
ATG Ass to Grass MetCon Metabolic Conditioning
BP Bench press MP Military press
BW Body weight MU Muscle ups
CFT CrossFit Total OHS Overhead squat
CFWU CrossFit Warm-up PC Power clean
CLN Clean Pd Pood, weight measure for kettlebells
C&J Clean and jerk PR Personal record
C2 Concept II rowing machine PP Push press
DL Deadlift PSN Power snatch
FS Front squat PU Pull-ups, possibly push ups
GHR(D) Glute ham raise (developer) Rep Repetition
GHR(D) Situp done on the GHR(D) Rx'd As prescribed
GPP General physical preparedness RM Repetition maximum
GTG Grease the Groove SDHP Sumo deadlift high pull
HSPU Hand stand push up Set A number of repetitions
HSQ Hang squat (clean or snatch) SPP Specific physical preparednesss
IF Intermittent Fasting SN Snatch
KB Kettlebell SQ Squat
MEBB Maximum Effort Black box Subbed Substituted
    TTB Toes to bar
    WO Workout
    WOD Workout of the day